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Volunteers across the state of Maine are working to pass a Citizen Initiative, asking the Maine legislature to call for a U.S. Constitutional Convention to create a constitutional amendment saying Corporations are not people and Money is not speech.

The goal of the (WTP Maine) Citizen Initiative is to help restore our democracy by allowing local, state, and federal governments to prevent rich corporations and billionaires from running our elections and controlling our country . . . in other words,

a United States of America where Corporations are not people and Money is not speech.

Maine citizens who want to help return our country and political process to We The People are volunteering to help get signatures for the WTP Maine Citizen Initiative.

needs everyone's help. Thanks.

The We The People Maine Citizen Initiative

The WE THE PEOPLE initiative is a formal request to amend the U.S. Constitution to safeguard access to the political process for all United States citizens regardless of income by establishing that:

  1.   The rights of corporations and artificial entities are subordinate to the rights of natural persons. Corporations and artificial entities are the creation of government for the purpose of promoting the life, health, and general welfare of the public and may be regulated, modified or abolished by government to accomplish that purpose.
  2.   The spending of money to influence elections is not speech under the First Amendment, and may be reasonably regulated in order to prevent the appearance or reality of corruption, and to promote a greater balance, participation, and equality of citizens in the electoral process.


The language for the Citizen Initiative has been carefully chosen to restore the constitutional rights our country's founders sought to protect for future generations, ensuring that the rights of corporations are subordinate to the rights of people while not harming the legal rights of corporations.    read the complete Citizen Initiative


Learn how you can sign the Citizen Initiative, help support amending the Constitution to overturn Citizen's United and safeguard access to the political process for all United States citizens regardless of income, and donate to .


Corporate Personhood: How Did We Get Here? (short video)

RecommendedSpend 4 minutes to learn more about the historical court decisions that defined “corporations as people” and “money as speech.”

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